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Write more this year

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When I tell people I have written a book, sometime after they offer their congratulations, I hear variations of “I wish I could write a book” or “I want to write, but I don’t know what to write about.”

You can write, darling. The simplest answer is to just start.

Stop striving to create the next big thing

You want to be the next famed author. Who wouldn’t? The reality is, many authors don’t achieve fame, so striving for it holds you back from actually getting the writing done. Think this: a video has gone viral, but did that person ever think their video ever would? No. No one ever gets up one day and thinks “I going to post viral videos?” Unless you do, and you happen to succeed, then come at me with the proof.

The end goal should be publication. Whether it is publishing a book, getting a short story or article printed up, that should be what you’re striving for.

Make use of tech or simply go analog

Can’t find time to write? Yes you can! It can be five minutes, an hour, or a full day off. There is always a notepad or small notebook in my bag. ALWAYS. Sometimes if an idea comes to me, I whip out my phone and use the Notes app, thumbing away letters or watching the letters appear as I speak as my mind and fingers may not be in complete sync. Other apps like Evernote, JotterPad (Android) or Editorial (iOS) also work like a charm to keep your thoughts together.

Do you find yourself easily distracted? Try writing in spurts or allow yourself to do a brain dump, scribbling stream-of-consciousness thoughts as long as you can write. There’s always time after you finish your piece to polish it up.

Find your support group, because the naysayers will keep you down

Use your instincts. Who supports your choices? Who has torn you down when you announce something you want to do? Weed out the bad and keep the good around you. It does a world of wonder when the supportive types bring up your writing in conversation and encourage your work.

So what are you waiting for? Get your writing spark ignited this year. No excuses, right?


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