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The Flour City Blues Soundtrack

Snarly, loud and juvenile. That was the attitude of the soundtrack that made up the storyline of Flour City Blues. I wanted the music to span from the early days of rock ‘n’ roll to those who were inspired by them and paved the way for current waves of punk and associated genres.

The bromance-y duo of Josh and Jeff were raised on all sorts of music and early rock ‘n’ roll and everything in-between captured their hearts. They are too young for vinyl, were around for the last days of cassettes and CD’s, but hold the utmost respect for everything that made them want to pick up guitars. They both love the Ramones. Jeff loves Chuck Berry. Josh loves Springsteen, the Stones and silly pop-punk. There are chapters that I named after songs, that inspired the writing of each one, while other presented that vibe I was trying to convey as the story unfolded.

Give a listen below to the soundtrack to my first novel.


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