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Target’s Project 62 line is mid-century showroom chic without breaking the bank

Oh my my my. I was walking around Target when the beautiful sight stopped me in my tracks. A lovely display of mid-century modern style furniture that Target has unveiled as Project 62 is full of lines, angles and sloping curves.
Project 62 is named after the year Target was founded as well as the crowning year of modern design. According to the company, 1962 was when “modernist design hit its peak.” The 1,200 pieces in this collection pay homage to the minimal-yet-high style design of mid-century décor. With small accent pieces and open furniture, the collection is sure to maximize small city apartments while still packing a major interior design punch in homes no matter the size.

Photo: Target

Stylish neutrals and bold splashes of color against hearty wood grains juxtaposed against metal look showroom-chic but won’t break the bank. When I flipped the price tag on a chair for $99.99, my first reaction was akin to Liz Lemon’s “I want to go to there.”
Take a look at the collection at Target’s website and see my favorite picks below.

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