25 days of christmas songs

Santa is one hip dude

With post-war Christmas in full swing into the 1950s, the Christmas music also got saucy. The jazz greats, doo wop groups and rock ‘n’ rollers were all getting in on the action of supplying a little yuletide cheer.

The songs were shedding the feel-good memories that the songs of the previous decade created. This time around, the focal point was to the big, jolly elf from the North. In 1953, Louis Armstrong released “Cool Yule” It was hip, it was jazzy, it was chock full of jive lingo! “Cool Yule” was written by Steve Allen, as in, the very first host of The Tonight Show Steven Allen.

One year later, tenor saxophonist and vocalist Big John Greer released the saucy little gem “We Wanna See Santa Do the Mambo.”

If Christmas wasn’t hip enough, Louis Prima released “Shake Hands With Santa Claus” on the album Breaking It Up! in 1958.

The finish up the decade, the Marquees (which included a young Marvin Gaye before going solo) released a Christmas track, “Santa Done Got Hip” in 1959.


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