25 days of christmas songs

Mix one part Wrecking Crew and one part Soupy Sales – shake and pour

Soupy Sales , born Milton Supman in 1926, was a comedy personality on all platforms. He did radio and TV, hosted and sang. Known for his local and network show for children, Lunch with Soupy Sales, he often ended his sketch program with receiving a pie in the face. The act became his trademark. The use of animal puppets as his comedy companions may have been the inspiration for Conan O’Brien’s Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.

Sales released a silly little track, called “Santa Claus is Surfin’ to Town” in 1963. Labeled as “The Soupy Sales Band” on the record, in actuality, it was “The Wrecking Crew” who supplied the music to the song. Jack Nitzsche, Phil Spector’s right-hand man had arranged for the shortest “Wall of Sound” holiday session ever, clocking in at 1:30. This all happened around the time Nitzsche was working with Spector on the Christmas album sessions, so finding the time to complete even a short track was outstanding.

Soupy’s release included “Santa Claus is Surfin’ to Town” as the A-side of the record, and an instrumental B-side with a Hammond B-3 organ replacing the vocals to the melody of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.”

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