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Live from New York, it’s Lin-Manuel and a slew of Trump jokes

If the Sunday morning conversation was still about Trump, it was probably because of “Saturday Night Live”. Another week, another bombshell in the world of this year’s election, the show’s cold open focused on the latest disaster that erupted before the weekend could even start.

As the cold open began with an encore Vice-Presidential debate on CNN, including a delightful appearance by featured player Melissa Villaseñor. “I’m the new Hispanic cast member,” she opens the show, “and tonight I’ll be playing Asian moderator Elaine Quijano, because, baby steps.” As a mock of the debate began, a breaking news report broke through with Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump addressing the incidents about the leakage of lewd comments heard on a hot mike during an interview on Access Hollywood in 2005. You have to hand it to the writers at “SNL” for whipping this up after this explosion came out on Friday.

Easily sliding into his hosting duties, a post-“Hamilton” Lin-Manuel Miranda presented a purely honest and grateful monologue citing this as another great opportunity in his life. This gig was the perfect post-“Hamilton” segue before Miranda heads off to do other projects. He launched into a Hamilton-inspired “My Shot,” tailored for the evening’s festivities. As Miranda rook his monologue out of the studio and down the hallway, he stopped at Donald Trump’s photo while quoting “I’m never gon’ be President” and referencing once the Broadway hit. As the song continued, there was a pause to joke with Lorne Michaels about procuring tickets to the popular Broadway musical, leaving Michaels to call out, “I can do a matinée!”


The sketches that followed were still politically charged or they were an homage to theatre geeks everywhere. The pre-taped music video called “The Crucible Cast Party” was everything a high school theatre actor related to and the “Music Man” parody with a happy little tune about the Wells Fargo Wagon where Miranda tries to hand out exploding mortgages.

Weekend Update had its take on the Trump audio leak. With the election not too far away and SNL pumping out the jokes, co-anchor Michael Che summed up Trump’s controversy perfectly. “You started your campaign accusing Mexicans of being rapists, now you’re on tape explaining how you sexually assault women. The only way it could be more hypocritical is if you said it in Spanish.”

Both Che and Colin Jost toss back jokes about Trump, one which liken his video apology as an ex’s drunk apology video on Facebook. Jost offers a report about how female voters from suburban Philadelphia may influence the election, and introduced Denise McDonough and Doreen Troilot as two undecided voters, played by Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon.

Fallon appeared to constantly break character while struggling to grasp a Philadelphia accent while Fey continued onward.  The two chatter back and forth, with Fey lightly jabbing Fallon’s late-night hair tousle with Trump. “Whatever, you love Trump. Stop acting like you do. Everyone thinks you love Trump,” Fey accuses while miming hair tousling.

“I did it one time,” replies Fallon. “Get off my bra strap, cool police.”


“Jost, we brought you some hoagies,” continues to repeat throughout the segment, as if it is a cue to reign Fallon back into his character.


Anyway, if there are anything from this past episode that we can take away are:

1-When all else fails and you’re still an undecided voter, there is always “Halloween Wars.”

2-Lin-Manuel Miranda is absolutely wonderful.

3-Apparently, having an 11:30pm timeslot allows you to say “pussy” on live television.

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