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Hello, 2018!

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Hello, 2018!

You’re looking good to me, 2018. Yes you are. I spent my last night of 2017 with a glass of champagne and a notebook, scribbling my plans for the new year and reeling in the delight that the Buffalo Bills have advanced to the playoffs.

Aside from the state of the world and politics, personally, 2017 was a year for things to either fall into place or I noticed these little sparks igniting in my life that seemed to scream out, “You’re on the right track!” I released a revised, rewritten version of Flour City Blues and received so much feedback and praise, most of it to my face as I could see the delight of those who told me right before my very eyes.

During December, I was tasked with web design, a new venture that I can add to my creative portfolio of content marketing, photography and graphic design as my day job. I am grateful for the opportunity and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t frazzled by trying to perform at my own three-ring circus. It doesn’t stop me from wanting to do other things, like write more books and continue to exercise my creative muscles. The biggest free lessons I received this year should be filed into a memoir titled, “Everything I learned about business, I learned from antiques” or something to that effect. From a quick lesson in staging to one-on-one chats over drinks, the inspiration has given me so many ideas to apply to my own projects. What a fulfilling year!

New life, who dis?

This was a year for many personal changes, like streamlining my wardrobe to basics, sticking to a basic skincare plan for my 30+ year-old skin (washing my face with coconut oil or almond oil, plant-based cleansers and this amazing coconut milk micellar water at Sephora), personal organization (because memory and notes all over the place are not 100% dependable) and being totally honest with others. The last one doesn’t mean I have always been a liar, but admitting my true thoughts and feelings have been the most liberating rather than beating around the bush with others. #anxiousAF

Sometimes, when you open your mouth, you may also find that you’re talking to your next partner-in-crime or that someone who knows someone.

New looks

I’m aiming to get super serious about this site. We’re talking ch-ch-ch-changes, love. For my job, I stay on top of social media and marketing trends, but I find it difficult to apply them toward my own purpose. I had to take a step back and rethink my strategy and own direction while thinking, “just do some sort of variation of the strategy you apply at your job.” A little change in perspective and bingo! I love the feeling of all these little changes feeling absolutely right and it has made me so much happier.

I’m big on fresh starts on January 1. I also do this on my birthday and since it is during the summer, it allows me to give myself a half-year check-in. Those fresh starts allow a revamp of the big picture and  to figure out if the little details along the way need to be changed or blown away altogether. I’m freaking excited.

Some thing for you:

New Year’s Eve, by Charles Lamb

Any other 20-30-something female shaken up by “Cat Person“? OMG

After Andy Dalton’s TD against the Ravens, which helped Buffalo secure a playoff spot, Bills fans donated to Andy’s charity as a thank you.

This moment.


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