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Everything really does get better with age, or why I re-released Flour City Blues

I finally re-released Flour City Blues this year. If you’ve already seen it around, or possess a copy that means I originally released it in 2012. There are reasons why I decided to go ahead and rewrite most of the novel and changing the complete dynamic from it, which I am going to explain. I’d like to think that the span of time between release and re-release is akin to wine or cheese, it gets better with age. The time also felt right to fine-tune every page and be proud of my writing.

Wearing many hats

I started writing Flour City Blues in 2007. I also started a job in education. Working with teenagers gave me first-hand experience with writing about teenagers. I spent five years working in the classroom, which also included a brief leave to finish the book, because there were chunks of time I was neglecting my writing because of work. I wrote the last page in a college library one morning and felt accomplished-yet-saddened. That feeling of existing alongside characters you spent time molding came to an end. I would only revisit them throughout the editing and revising stage.

Work-Life-Writing Balance does not exist

I left my job to join the Great Cupcake and Custom Bake Shop Boon of 2012. Entrepreneurship was my favorite endeavor, as I owned and operated a tiny bakeshop, I also released my book. At this time, it seemed as though it was for bragging rights: to be under 30, owning a business and publishing a book. I can do it all!

In reality, I could not. A business demands all of your time and extra copies of books sit in a pile and the marketing efforts to push more copies goes completely out the window.

I closed my shop as my ET was affecting my decorating skills. My other loves for fashion/interior design/social media led me down another path and total career change. As I grew my network on Twitter, I was asked if my book could be promoted at the Miami International Book Fair. I would have jumped at the opportunity, but something clicked inside my head: I needed to give that book another look.

Truthfully, it was bland. Too much was going on, and not to mention a few typos and continuity errors slipped through. I needed to take some time and reshape the whole thing.

Better with age

It could be time or it could be an age difference. Lyndsey in her 20’s is completely different from Lyndsey in her 30’s. I’ve lived it, learned from mistakes and improved on them. My writing proved to be better after some time and focus. I wanted a better product out there. I changed the tone along characters, cried with them and laughed with them. I can truly say I wrote what I knew and it led to a stronger story.

I’m so happy with this output you guys. It is such a raw, emotional and comedic piece that I am glad I wrote. Response has been amazing as well as the support for snapping up a copy.


I hope you enjoy it as well.

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