25 days of christmas songs

The sexiest conversation about cold weather

Dean Martin sang it. So did Brian Setzer and Ann-Margret, Michael Buble and Idina Menzel as well. Also, who can forget the cute scene in Elf between Buddy and Jovie? Last year, Barnes and Noble’s Christmas advert made me WISH Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett had a Christmas album, because of their spot-on rendition of “Baby, it’s Cold Outside.”

To be honest, if it is done right, it is a very sexy tune.

Written in 1944 by Frank Loesser, it was originally recorded for the filmNeptune’s Daughter. Written as a call-and-response duet, Loesser first debuted the song he wrote with his wife at their housewarming party. It was intended as a signal to their guests that the party was over. Loesser’s wife, Lynn Garland considered the song to be “their song,” but was absolutely, downright angry when he sold the tune to MGM. Whoops!

The lyrics present two different roles, a “wolf” and “mouse.” The wolf is encouraging the mouse to stay and is flirtatiously coming up with excuses to persuade the mouse to stay longer. The mouse innocently justifies reasons to go home (“the neighbors might think”).

What is your favorite version?


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