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Billy Joel visits Jimmy Kimmel during his week-long stint in Brooklyn

Billy Joel sits with Jimmy Kimmel during the late-night show’s taping in Brooklyn.

Billy Joel made an appearance Thursday night on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Kimmel had been taping the show in Brooklyn for the week, and hosted New York and Long Island’s most iconic piano man for a chat and performance.

The topic switched over to Bruce Springsteen after a brief talk about the geography of Long Island. The two mentioned that they happened to be at the same Springsteen on Broadway performance. When asked about his favorite Springsteen song, Billy Joel turned on his impression of the musician as he answered “Meeting Across the River.” Kimmel mentioned that when he learned that Billy Joel was in attendance at the show, that there would be a special guest appearance. Joel replied that he was there to see the show and Springsteen said the shows were scripted and did not have guest appearances.

The conversation turned to talking about Billy Joel’s once-a-month residency at Madison Square which will extend into the next year. “We’re gonna go into 2018,” Joel told Kimmel. “I thought it would kind of taper off after four or five years, but they’re buying tickets faster now than they were at the beginning.”

Joel also remarked on something I completely found to be so amazing for a performer. He doesn’t sell the tickets to the first two rows at his shows. “It got to a point — this is about 25 years ago — I got tired of looking down [and] the first row tickets were always scalper tickets,” Joel said. “So, there’s always somebody who paid way too much money to be a big shot and sit in the front row. You see some guy sitting front row with his bimbo, right? And he’s got the gold chains, and they’re just sitting there like, ‘Entertain me, Piano Man!’ I’m looking down, I go, ‘Screw this. The real fans are in the back.'” He gives the tickets to the road crew so they go out into the far seats to find fans and bring them to the front. Talk about a bad-ass move.

To cap off the segment, Billy Joel played his sci-fi-inspired hit “Miami 2017 (Seen the Lights Go Out on Broadway).”

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