thursday link round-up

Thursday Round-up Vol. II

Each week, I scour the net to bring you the latest in book news, entertainment, music, business and education. 


The Ron Howard-directed “Eight Days a Week” documentary on the Beatles’ touring years is out on Hulu! Have you seen it yet? Amazing 97 minutes of their music history —> The Beatles On Their Craziest Ever Fan Moments, Appealing To A New Generation, And Their Exciting New Documentary

Sunshine Superman Donovan Marks Five Mostly Mellow Decades

Anthony Bourdain Reveals his Favorite Places to Eat, and What Never to Do if You Invite Him to Dinner

Happy Fall! What Does The Autumnal Equinox Mean? In 2016, Find Balance & Prepare For A Rebirth

How Reading And Writing Helped Me Cope With My Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Remembering the Swinging, Sit-In Sixties


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