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    5 tools that will help you write, wherever you do it

    Here is some truth to my writing time: I find my most productive space is right atop my mattress and boxspring with the pillows propped up behind me. Yup, I am talking about my bed, and I’m not alone, because Mindy Kaling does it too.

    You see, I don’t have office space, which is probably a good thing because I get distracted working anywhere else at home. If I set up somewhere else, like the kitchen table, I’m usually staring out into the backyard or doing something else that distracts me completely.

    Anyway, back to my comfy space. When I am writing fiction, I tend to set up a playlist that gets me in the mood to write. There is always some sort of sound coming out of my laptop’s speakers. Lately, I’ve been in the throes of my other work, which is web design and social media marketing, so I tend to switch audio gears a bit. As I write this post, I am half-watching/mostly listening to the dialogue from Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Something about the light music and dialogue that almost recreates that cafe white noise.

    So, I have done some digging around online and found some great tools and resources that may help you with your writing, whether you choose write in bed like I do, in your millennial pink office or any other setting. Let’s get cracking, shall we?

    Finding/making time to write

    I first heard about the Pomodoro method in a Twitter chat. I was stuck in my own ways of just-trying-to-get-shit-done that I felt a new method would be a hassle to get into. I shifted my working mindset while adjusting to this method, which is allowing yourself to work in timed shifts and giving yourself brief breaks between them. Let me say when you juggle your day between website work, writing, and looking at marketing stats, you need to work in shifts and allow a brain break. It helps!

    The same can be applied to just writing. Time yourself, let yourself write and go until the time is up. Give yourself a break and start at it again. Use an egg timer, your phone’s timer or this handy tomato (get it??) counter.

    Getting it all together

    Perhaps you’re more of the visual planner and need to see how your story will flow, or to set the stage for your settings. For the mind mapper, MindMup is a great place to start setting up your story.

    If creating the home of your characters is more your thing, or you really (really) like interior design, give Room Sketcher a try.

    Audio for Writers

    Finally, when you need some ambient noise or mood music to help you power through a scene, take a look at Coffivity and AudioSparx. Both sites have premium options, but offer clips and pieces you can still listen to that should offer up some inspiration–that is if you don’t mind hearing “Preview” every few seconds. 🙂






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